No Tobacco There is no Tobacco in any Sweet Smoke Herbal blend, yet these products are still intended for those 18 and older.
We don't like synthetics and never have, especially ones as unpredictable, untested, and now illegal in many parts of the world.  For years, only a handful of companies have manufactured tobacco-free herbal smoking products, and because they’ve had no competition, they are usually sold for incredibly high prices with lots of flashy packaging and marketing. We found a private label manufacturer to craft us real, completely natural, additive-free herbal smoking products, which we then work hard to offer for less than similar products on the market.

Our products are based on many hours of research into herbs that have been used (often for thousands of years) by different cultures around the world. We have chosen the best and tastiest of these blends.  Some are based on ancient formulas, and others are the fruits of countless hours of R&D. Take comfort knowing that there is absolutely nothing artificial in our products, including the binder that holds our herbal smoking blends together.

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