No Tobacco There is no Tobacco in any Sweet Smoke Herbal blend, yet these products are still intended for those 18 and older.

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Are Your Products Legal?

Every product we offer is 100% legal virtually worldwide, except Louisiana.  We offer an alternative to products marketed as "legal highs" or other marketing-based or synthetic-based products widely available.  As we discuss in more detail below, none of our products contain synthetics of any kind; there's no need when our carefully-crafted blends by our staff Ayurvedist and food chemist makes the most potent herbal combinations and synergies that we have ever experienced.

Do Your Products Have Synthetics?

This is actually the #1 question we now receive.  Our all-organic, all-natural herbal smoking blends are 100% legal virtually worldwide, except Louisiana.  We do not use synthetics of any kind, we do not add untested and often illegal research chemicals such as "JWH-018" or "K2" in any of our products, period.

We pride ourselves on the potent and powerful effects of our natural herbal smoking blends as an alternative to tobacco or other more dangerous (or at least less legal) smoking blends and herbs.  If our blends didn't come carefully crafted from an FDA-approved facility, they came from verified recipes from places like Mexico, India, Africa, Siberia, and others.

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What Is Your Return Policy?

We want to give you time to see if SweetSmoke Herbs' line of products is for you and your store.  So, we offer an unconditional 30 days (starting the day your product is delivered to you) return with ZERO restocking fees.  After 30 days, there will be a 15% restocking fee for any returns over the next 60 days, but you do have up to 90 days total to return your products to us!

We're very pleased to report that returns are rare and re-orders are getting more common the more shops, both online and brick and mortar ones, join our growing family of synthetic and research chemical free line of organic herbal smoking blends and herbs.

Are You Products in "Bud" Form?

To get any herbal product to look as though it's an all-natural "herbal bud" (or "legal bud" as the terminology often seems to go), it requires a "binder."  From all of the herbal smoking products we've tested, those binders consist of synthetic glues and other chemical-based bonding agents in order to get those so-called "legal buds" to look like actual plant buds.

Even if there are herbal smoking products that use plant-based binders, they are still introducing an ingredient that wasn't originally in the plant blend you think you're purchasing.  Also, binders can tend to be weighty, making the product you're purchasing more expensive.

Do Your Products Have UPC Codes?

Our two flagship products, as of this writing, have UPC codes on them to make it easy to keep inventory.  For the products that don't we maintain the same Product ID for any product we offer, and even better; your personal Wholesale Account will keep track of every single order you place with us.

What Exactly Are You Selling?

Herbs and their traditional ceremonial use as burning and smoking blends. History tells us that smoke has played a part in many well-known cultures and milestones. Frankincense and other herbs were burned in ancient Egypt as they made their bloody sacrifices to their stern gods. The Oracle at Delphi was said to be under the influence of smoky vapors that allowed her to foretell the future.

All ancient cultural traditions held smoke sacred, perhaps because smoke is a sort of in between area between spirit and matter; we see it, and yet we cannot truly touch it, and as it rises higher it gradually dissipates and suddenly it is no longer there. No wonder that in many ancient and modern religious traditions, it is seen as a perfect vehicle to carry our prayers from this reality to the other.

As a medicine: There are a variety of medicinal uses of smoking mixtures. One can use calming or tranquilizing herbs to relax physically or mentally. Some herbs can be smoked for calming the lungs or to aid in expectoration. The difference between poison and medicine is dosage; smoking a strong herb is one way to regulate its dosage.

In the Middle East, virtually every medical text from the golden age of Arab medicine describes treatments that involve smoking herbs wrapped in silk or paper (the pictures look remarkably like modern cigarettes).

Dioscordies, Doedens, Pliny, and a number of other pre-period and period authors all seem to agree. Maude Grieve’s “Herbal,”, has an excellent summary of the details for these authors.

She writes: The smoking of the leaves for a cough has the recommendation of Dioscorides, Galen, Pliny, Boyle, and other great authorities,both ancient and modern, Linnaeus stating that the Swedes of his time smoked it for that purpose. Pliny recommended the use of both roots and leaves. The leaves are the basis of the British Herb Tobacco, in which Coltsfoot predominates, the other ingredients being Buckbean, Eyebright, Betony,Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, and Chamomile flowers. This relieves asthma and also the difficult breathing of old bronchitis. Those suffering from asthma, catarrh and other lung troubles derive much benefit from smoking this Herbal Tobacco, the use of which does not entail any of the injurious effects of ordinary tobacco. (from the online copy at

Spiritual and Ceremonial Uses: Throughout history people have taken (and smoked) herbs to produce altered states of consciousness. Although some in modern times seek hallucinogens for pure recreation, many still use these plants respectfully on the journey for spiritual knowledge. Even the milder herbs are useful during meditation and vision quests.

Smoking is a ritual, and the more conscious we are of it, the more we will get from it. It is such a powerful mixture of fire and air.

Characteristics of Good Herbal Burning or Smoke Blends:

No two herbal smoking or burning blends are similar, because Nature has a magnificent array of divine plants. Over the millennia man has somewhat perfected the blending of these magical plants to get the perfect smoke from burning them. Ideally the herbs to be dried using shade drying. Even if the individual ingredients are dry, as a whole the mixture should be ever so slightly moist. Some of the most flavorful smoking ingredients need to dry slow, and cure, but the majority are best picked fresh and not dried completely.
Keeping all of the above in mind and faithfully following traditional remedies that were closely guarded secrets (obtained only by assuring keepers of ancient traditions that their ritual use would be honored completely) our resident chemist put in endless hours of hard work, before she was ready to present us these ‘perfect’ blends that were once used both as a medicine and for ritual ceremony to walk with the Gods!